Boca is becoming one of America’s Great Cities

We are all building it together. Our contribution is the opening of GourmetPhile, a gorgeous new gourmet store that takes fine food to the next level. For those who find joy in sublime tastes, we offer:

– Petrossian, the preeminent caviar

– Kusmi of Paris, the finest tea in the world

– a selection of world award winning cheeses you can’t find anywhere else

– expertly curated wines picked with food pairings in mind

– high level tastings with highly regarded sommeliers

– the most beautiful and the most delicious chocolates in the world

– the finest European sausages and hams, rich pates, salmon, spreads and chutneys

– gift baskets to die for – build one from anything in the store, with floral accents!

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What’s the big deal with truffles?

Torn from the earth by pigs mad with truffle-lust, or tenderly rended from the roots of a great oak tree by a man with equal passion for this noblest of fungi. So pungent that his hands still smell of it after he showers, the truffle hunter rewards himself with a few shavings at his evening meal. Without this consuming passion of hound, pig and truffle wizard, you are left with an unripe soulless knot of tasteless sawdust. The passionless product is the Chinese truffle, which is mined rather than discovered, and doesn’t measure up to French or Italian truffles.

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Why some people hate caviar

I actually used to hate caviar, really, so I get it. I was at a party and my host made me try it. “How ’bout that caviar huh?!” I grinned sheepishly at him and said “mmmm” as I fought back my gag reflex, tucking it into my cheek and pretending to chew. Later I shared it surreptitiously with his disposal. Little did I know my wealthy host was a cheapskate who found a “great deal” on a kilo of caviar that current me would not feed to a dog. It took 30 years for me to try it again.

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